On the road again

A lot can change in a year.

Shorter hair, longer beard, still a freak

Last summer a freshly-minted PhD microbiologist with fabulous hair mounted his aluminum-framed fuji bicycle and proceeded to pedal his way from Seattle, Washington to Steamboat, Colorado.



After a stimulating summer, that retired-at-the-age-of-27-scientist packed up his belongings in a one-way rental car and moved to Madison, Wisconsin in pursuit of becoming a Professional Master of Life Sciences Communication.

This is what a science writer looks like

Two semesters and one mild Wisconsin winter later, our plucky hero has carved out a pretty comfortable existence in the fourth-friendliest state in America.

It is SO nice here

Although his pipetting muscles atrophied, and his hairstyle went corporate, he retained his razor-sharp wits, and insuppressible positive attitude.

These hands used to Immunoprecipitate Chromatin. Now they type.

He even managed to write a couple of clever articles about cool engineering research.

3D printed Bucky Badger! 

As the academic year careened to a triumphantly chaotic conclusion, this grateful perpetual graduate student found himself facing a terrifying prospect: two weeks of totally unscheduled time before the beginning of his summer teaching gig.


For a terminally type-A productivity-junkie, empty to-do-lists lead to filled-out psychiatric intake forms. So, the spastic science writer arrived at a logical solution to his predicament.

It’s in my DNA

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And when Sam Million-Weaver has too much free time on his hands, he suits up in spandex and sets pedals spinning towards parts unknown.

I should probably put some wheels on my bike first

On Sunday, May 15th I’m hopping on that lovely, newly acquired Trek 620, and hightailing it out of Madison in a generally northward direction. My dozen-day route circumnavigates the top three quarters of Lake Michigan. I will, as previously, be chronicling my madcap misadventures, so be sure to watch this space for glycogen-depleted random ramblings, and…of course…gratuitous amounts of cloudporn.


I’ll try to fit in a post before I depart describing my preparations. But, for now, I need to actually START getting my shit together before I can blog about my packing process.

This is what a grown-up’s living room looks like, right?

May your tires be firm, your chains lubed, and the wind be ever at your rear!

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