Sam’s summer bike tour, day one: Madison to Fond du Lac

Well that took a little bit longer than I expected!

Apparently Google’s algorithm doesn’t take into account missed turns, minor rack maintenance, and, of course, obligatory selfie stops.

Selfies are NOT optional

Other than some forced backtracking after getting somewhat turned around outside Beaver Dam, today’s miles were mostly uneventful.

Seems like a nice place.

Getting out the door on the road this morning was a bit of a horror-show. The forecast showed chilly temperatures so I decided to get my bike loaded up in the comfort of my warm apartment.


My warm, third-floor walk-up apartment.

I’ve bever hated those stairs more than at this moment

After waking up my neighbors with a delightful combination of loud crashing and creative profanity, I was ready to hit the ground rolling!

Peace out Madtown!

I mostly rode on flat, country roads. Athough I’m certainly not complaining about a lack of killer climbs, the monotonous mileage got a little boring.

country roads…take me home?
I did like the Wild Goose State Trail
Lots of this

Given that my training strategy (and I use the term highly loosely) for this trip mostly consisted of flirting with one of my spin class teachers, I was VERY ready to get out of the saddle after nine hours on the road.


Even if I’ve got some long days ahead before I can bike myself back into touring shape, I’m still the fastest tent-setter-upper in the American west.

tent sweet tent!

And now, it’s time to crawl into that tent and rest these weary bones.


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