Sam’s summer tour, day three: Appleton to Menominee

I’ve always had issues with boundaries.

Show me a line and I’ll cross it!
Traversing state lines remains as one of my top-ten favorite activities. I’m well aware that man-made borders are completely artificial constructs, dreamt up by long-dead white dudes. But that doesn’t diminish by one bit the sheer sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT I feel after ticking another one of the 50 off of my to-do list. 

Jussssstt barely over the border

I’m especially excited to transition my tour into its next chapter and check out what the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is all about because, frankly, I was starting to suffer from flat-Wisconsin-road fatigue.

Not even any clouds to look at!

I can’t think of anything less interesting than listening to a highly privileged bearded biker whine that his vacation is occasionally boring, so instead I’ll share some photos of the fascinating local wildlife, native to Northern, Wisconsin.

Gee I hope it’s friendly!
My training is in microbiology, not ornithology, but I believe this specimen is native to the upper Midwest, and thrives on a diet of cheese curds and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In all seriousness, the birds up here have been incredible (and incredibly difficult to catch in a decent photograph). I saw some cranes, several lovely colorful songbirds, and a few raptors flying overhead!

I also scored my obligatory feather souvenir
Previously, I never understood why birds turned people’s cranks. But after turning MY pedal crank for 70 miles and spotting so many of these cool creatures, I want to know more. My cloud identification skills should translate into spotting a thrusted nutchucker (that’s a bird, right)?

Altocumulus. And an ON POINT sunset

In other news, I saw a fuzzy pony today. 


The fact that I’m too tired to come up with a decent segue indicates that it’s time for this cyclist to hunker down in his tent with a couple of Clif bars and some digitized Shakespeare. 

Keep crossin’ boundaries, comrades!

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