Sam’s summer tour, day four: Menominee to Rapid River

Cirrus clouds look like wispy horse tails because they’re mostly made out of ice crystals.

See the horse’s rear-end in this photo?

Ice crystals also lend cirrostratus clouds an ethereal appearance, which is why sunlight refracts into a halo when it shine through a sheet of these high-up-in the atmosphere formations.

Baby, I can see you halo

Cirrostratus clouds accumulating on top of cirrus clouds late in the afternoon signals that warm weather is on its way!

I like the looks of THAT

Today’s touring wended a leisurely 76 miles along the shores of Lake Michigan. 

I took a slight detour in the totally-charming town of Escanaba to check out the local lighthouse.

Don’t you just LOVE lighthouses?

I also availed myself of the fabulous facilities in the Escanaba Public Library in order to make some last minute edits on a press release.

what IS this strange device!?

The riding today was simply splendid: flat, easy-going, minimal traffic, and plenty of glimpses of Lake Michigan along the way to keep things interesting.

It’s a pretty nice lake!

Before I knew it, my final destination for the day was right in front of me!

Vagabond is also the name of a relentless mogul run at Steamboat Ski Resort.

Although this campground is perfectly delightful, the 3G wireless coverage is somewhat spotty, so I think it’s time for THIS vagabond-on-a-velocipede to say sayonara and good night! Stay tuned for tales of tomorrow’s peninsular pedaling, and STAY POSITIVE!

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