Sam’s summer tour, day five: Rapid River to Michihistrigan

Today I woke up, and then I rode my bicycle. 

What else is new?

Specifically, I left the comforts of Camp Vagabond, and made my way 71 miles to the Michihistrigan campground, just outside of Gould City. 

I like this place already

If we’re going to be completely honest, today’s biking was perfectly pleasant…except for the pedaling part. I was facing a fierce headwind and slightly uphill roads every single mile along the way. 

Not so steep as to be punishing, but not so flat, either.
It took me somewhat longer, but I dawdled

Fortunately, every time I started asking myself “why do you do these absurd things!?” I caught a glimpse of glorious Lake Michigan and remembered that I’m one lucky bearded-biking son-of-a-gun to be able to experience America on my own two wheels. 

Man, our country is SO awesome in some places!

Other highlights from today’s travels include a lovely lighthouse outside Manistique. 

How do you get a job as a lighthouse-keeper?

The Michigan locals continue to impress me with their friendly attitudes and sturdy dispositions. 

I’m a biker!
How much can you squat, bro?

And of course, the wildlife up here is really wild!

My spirit animal!
These are a few of my favorite things!

Of course, it’s not all lakeside bliss up here on the U.P. 

Almost, but not quite

I have one task ahead of me this evening, and it’s a dinosaur-sized doozy. After five days on the road it’s time to redistribute my load among my panniers. Unpacking my saddlebags was, as always, an EVENT.

How many clif bars can one human POSSIBLY eat?

Now it’s time for me to channel my inner Mary Poppins, and repack that impossible amount of gear into four panniers. 

Stay sanguine, sugars!

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