Sam’s summer tour, day six: Michihistrigan to Mackinaw City

I am in a GOOD place.

The KOA is A-OK!

Not only are my akkomodations kompletely Komfortable at the Mackinaw City KOA, today’s touring was simply spectacular! 

Lake Michigan, you slay me!

I spent 61 cedar-scented, easy-breezy, mostly flat miles in the saddle, with jaw-dropping lake-views to my immediate right for the entire journey. 

So BLUE and clear!
This is the life!

The most mentally challenging part of today’s pedaling was mustering up the self control to not stop and snap a photo after every beautiful bend in the road.

I have shockingly little self control
The U.P. is the place to be!

After reaching the easternmost tip of the Upper Peninsula, I was dismayed to discover that bikes aren’t allowed to cross the Mackinaw Bridge under their own power. Rather than suffer the humiliation of being carted like cargo along a freeway, I arranged for passage on the the Mackinaw ferry to island-hop my way to the main land. 

Permission to come aboard?

This proved to be a highly remunerative decision, in the currency of life experiences.  

I LOVE lighthouses!

Not only was the 15 minute ride splendidly scenic, but Mackinaw Island itself is a totally charming frozen-in-time tourist-dreamland! 

Horse -drawn carriages!

There are no cars allowed on the island, so all travel is either four-hooved or two-wheeled. Although there’s no smog in the sky, horses aren’t exactly emissions-free vehicles. I watched my steps carefully during my explorations. 

Quaint! and a little smelly!

I was sad to bid farewell to the blast-from-the-past-plus-fudge-shops-and-tchotchkes island, but I had to return to the 21st century mainland and make my way to camp. 

A fine and lake-worthy vessel, indeed

And so ends the Upper Peninsular portion of Sam’s summer tour. I won’t miss the headwinds, but I hope to return someday and explore this place further. The autumn colors must be gobsmackingly gorgeous! That’s all for the future, though, tomorrow I spin south! 

Fueled by ice-cream, I can take on the world!

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