Sam’s summer tour, day seven: Mackinaw City to Mancelona

Excuse me, this is so embarrassing, but I seem to have misplaced Lake Michigan! 

Where’s the beach?

I can’t imagine how I managed to lose track of a 4,918 cubic kilometer hydrological entity, but somehow the largest freshwater lake in the United States snuck away from me for the majority of my ride today. 

Heeerrreee Lake-y Lake-y Lakey! Where are you?

In other words, today’s riding was somewhat less stimulating than the picturesque pedaling I grew accustomed to on the Upper Peninsula. Northern Michigan is pastoral, arboreal, and hillier than I expected. 

The trees are quite nice, I guess.

My 74 mile route in mostly kept me on the shoulder of or directly adjacent to highway 131. 

Ah. The Lake’s over there, I get it.

Hands down, the most delightful part of today’s time in the saddle was when I pedaled through Petoskey, Michigan. Not only did I briefly re-encounter my pulchritudinous misplaced pond, but the Top of Michigan Trails Council deserves a special shout out for the city’s well-maintained bike paths! 

THERE YOU ARE! I missed you, darling!

Tragically, the pavement for the majority of my ride was not particularly well maintained. I was dodging debris right and left, and cracks in the asphalt shook my steel frame like the Loma Prieta quake. After 70 miles, I was DONE. Imagine my delight when I discovered that my campground was conveniently located four miles of dirt road from the highway. 

You must be joking.

That’s not to say that the entire day was a grind. I crossed another boundary! 

I wonder if the weather here is exactly an average of polar and equitorial, too?

I passed some highly amusing signs. 

I’m a fun-guy

Most hilariously, I saw what passes for a ski resort in Northern Michigan. 

You MUST be joking! Or have you been hanging out with those mushroomers?

Despite the diversions, I was VERY happy to finally arrive at my final destination. 


I was even happier that there was ice cream. 

100% high performance endurance fuel.

Keep spinning. Keep smiling!

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