Sam’s summer tour, day eight: Mancelona to Mesick

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “M.” 

Mushroom starts with M!

Midway through my 60 mile ride, I realized that the names of the majority of places I stayed in Michigan started with the 13th consonant: Menominee, Michihistrigan, Mackinaw, Mancelona, and now Mesick! 

Your mind meanders after eight days on the road…

Today’s mileage mainly consisted of rolling hills. The riding was…a trifle monotonous. 

But occasionally lovely! Look at those lilacs.

With meager distractions along the way, my mind wandered. I mused about such deep matters as: Why DO so many towns in Michigan begin with the letter “M?” Are Michiganzers as a population just totally on-brand with state pride? What do you call someone from Michigan anyway? Michiganian? Michigroover? MyCherie? How many states start with M? Is it the most common letter for states to start with? 

You were expecting Deepak Chopra?

How does an eight-day dietary regimen of nothing but lentils, energy gels, oatmeal, jerky, and the occasional ice cream perturb a bearded-biker’s microbiome? 


Why do Michigooligans put up so many giant, artificial, patriotic chickens? 

That’s two in two days!

If dinosaurs and birds share a more recent common evolutionary ancestor than dinosaurs and reptiles, does that mean stegosauruses were warm blooded? 

Yes. But this guy might be a modern lizard…

What do Michigilligans think about dinosaurs? 

This troubles me.

Where in the world did Lake Michigan disappear to? Should I call the national guard? 

Excuse me, I’d like to report a missing body. She’s big, blue, and fresh.

Will the “I’m a biker” joke ever get old? 


I was READY to get out of the saddle and put my feet up when I finally made my way into camp. 

Aaaaahhhhh. Life is GOOD.

While I certainly can’t come up with any answers to life’s most important questions, at the end of the day, I did manage to remember my most important mantra: A mildly mediocre day of biking is still ten million times more fun than being stuck behind a computer monitor!

Not that I don’t love my job(s), 100%! Writing about science and teaching undergrads to communicate are HIGHLY rewarding indoor activities! But nothing compares to the pedaling pilgrim lifestyle. I’m a lucky guy.

Stay grateful!

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