Sam’s summer tour, day 11: Pipe to Ixonia

Wisconsin is a NICE place. 

I’ll say!

Although my claim might not be particularly controversial, it bears repeating–particularly because that same refrain crossed your bearded biker’s brain several times during today’s 61 miles in the saddle.

The Badger State is pretty great!

Land o’ lakes, indeed!

Those miles managed to pass by pretty quickly. I had lots of lovely clouds to look at along the way. 


I did have one mild moment of panic when I started running low on water just north of Theresa. It was a scorcher of a morning. So staying hydrated was no trivial task. 

Theresa is right about where my route took a little jog to the west.

Thankfully, a nice old lady tending to her lilacs let me refill my bottle from her garden hose. 

Wisconsinites are NICE! Their flowers are, too!

Not to talk smack about our neighbors across the lake, but somehow Wisconsin Pastoral is just more interesting than the Michigan Farmlands. 

It’s the clouds.

America’s Dairyland, baby!

Even though I was laying down mileage like a man on a mission, I did make one obligatory pit stop along the way in Lebanon in order to pay proper homage to my spirit animal. 

Fossil-fueled forever!
Oh brontosaurus, whose bones art in the shale-beds, bless this bicyclist.

It was a bittersweet day of biking. Sweet because the rolling hills and rapturous scenery kept me happily humming along at a reasonably quick pace. Bitter because tomorrow is my final day on tour. 

But I don’t want to give this up yet!

Perhaps the violent thunderstorms currently pouring buckets on my campsite this evening are an omen from Thor that it’s time for this pedaling pilgrim to pack it in and return to civilization. 

Jeepers creepers!

But for now I’m snug-as-a-bug in my little Alp tent, and savoring every second of my nice, Wisconsin, biking nomad life! 

It’s nice in here, too! I’ve got jerky!

Stay NICE!

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  1. JEFF!!! JEEFFF!!! This is my second attempt to reply, the first was long and rammbling and mostly said JEFF JEFF JEFFF!!!!!!! I want to be in touch!!! I am so glad you found Sams blog!! It’s brilliant do’nt you think?? I am incredabley techno-lexic hence the loss of the first reply I wrote. Text or talk or blog or email we will connect! Love and Light Patti


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