Colorado wedding weekend

Two of my favorite people recently celebrated their long-lasting love and commitment to each other on the banks of the Arkansas River in Colorado.

Pretty choice venue, eh!?

I’ve known the bride’s family for as long as I can remember, and the groom moved to our tiny mountain town when we were in middle school. These fine individuals make a fantastic couple; they’ve got years of amazing adventures ahead of them together. I was honored and blessed to participate in a weekend of well-wishing, culminating in a staggeringly beautiful, poignant, highly personal ceremony.

The father of the bride MADE the altar by hand!

I was so busy having fun and fulfilling my duties as a bridesMAN in the mixed-gender wedding party that I didn’t capture very many images from the festivities. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t dream of violating my friends’ privacy by posting pictures without their permission.

Selfies are always fair game

But I simply cannot resist sharing some snaps of the stunning scenery, amazing food, and good times that have me basking in a warm-and-fuzzy afterglow. Although all-outdoor  commitment ceremonies might not be for everybody (though I seem to camp at weddings fairly frequently), I cannot come up with a better way to celebrate beautiful love than by spending time surrounded by beautiful friends in a beautiful place.


Our accommodations rivaled the Ritz-Carlton for comfort. Cool breezes and gently rushing river sounds guarantee the best possible night’s sleep.

Who needs room-service?

The groom’s family provided a cajun-style seafood boil (complete with alligator meat!) for the rehearsal dinner.

I opted for spicy!

On the day of the “I do” some of us took a leisurely float down the Arkansas, which provided the perfect opportunity for a pre-wedding rinse-off!

After the ceremony everybody cut loose and cut a rug to a ROCKIN’ medley of classic tunes courtesy of a seriously sizzling cover band.

I’m so incredibly grateful that I was able to share in the celebration.

From left: bridesman (me), bride, maid-of-honor. 

The weekend was over far too quickly. Luckily I’m still hanging onto the residual good feeling and a heart filled near-to-bursting with joy from spending time with dear friends who happen to be truly wonderful people.

Even the trailer park up the street got in on the love!


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