Resurrecting my blog

After a brief…ahem…multiyear hiatus, our plucky hero is firing up the old blog again!

IMG_2609 3
Did y’all miss me?

I’ve been grappling with whether or not to revive this old website for some time now. Banging out consonance-and-selfie-filled blog posts was a fun hobby in grad school, which somehow became less fun when I started writing full time for a living. It turns out that after moving words around a computer screen all day, the absolute last thing I want to do in the evenings is fire up my laptop and crank out seven hundred words about kale salad.

Let the record show that my kale salad recipe is BANGIN’

What’s more, I had (and still have) serious reservations about whether spending time writing blog posts is a worthwhile endeavor. For one thing, the internet is absolutely saturated with opinions, and I struggle to articulate how lukewarm takes from a Wisconsin-based aging millennial homosexual add value to the information ecosystem. Furthermore, successful blogs cater to specific audiences: foodies, techies, endurance athletes, RuPaul’s Drag Race superfans. Yet, we all contain multitudes, and it’s much more interesting to write about all of the things that turn my crank. Varied interests make for stimulating cocktail chatter, to be sure, but they’re hell for search engine optimization. Even Cambridge Analytica probably couldn’t track down very many bike riding, Shakespeare reading, Golden Girls watching, avocado toast eating, sarcastic, spastic political progressives who have great hair.

And I wonder why I’m single…

I realize, though, that none of that really matters. My metric for “success” with this blog is not to achieve Kardashian-level notoriety or Obama-level respect; my main goal is to have fun and let my creativity romp around a little bit outside the confines of writing press releases.

I also realize that my first post, my triumphant return to blogging, is, basically content-free. Thanks for bearing with me as I indulged in navel gazing, and stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Resurrecting my blog

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  1. I value your content free posts. You entertain me. And yes, you do have great hair so keep the selfies coming. It will probably get you elected some day.

    Thank you for making my day


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