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My name is Sam Million-Weaver. I’m a science writer based in Madison, Wisconsin. These days I mostly write about engineering, but my background is in microbiology. My doctoral research at the University of Washington, Seattle concerned the consequences of replication-transcription conflicts on replication restart and genomic instability in the gram-positive model bacterial organism Bacillus subtilis. Since depositing my dissertation, I rambled around the United States (and rode my bike across a significant portion of them) before settling down in Madison.


Drop me a comment if you want to get to know me better!

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  1. Hello Sam, I hope you read this. Your parents use to live in Burlington vt many moons ago. They took me in from a group home back in 1986. I haven’t heard from them since they moved to California when your mom called me and told me she had you. I lost touch and have thought about them and what happened to them for years. Please if you could do me a favor and let them know that I still to this day miss and love them for all they did for me. Thanx Jeff


    1. Dear Dear JEFF!!!! This is my third comments reply box I have filled trying to tell you how happyhappyhappy I am you found us because of Sams blog!!!! He’s amazing isn’t he?!?!?! I hope you have time to check out his past posts! Anyway in an effort to make the thirrd time truly a charm, heres my email address. I’m techno-lexic (150+unread in that ) I will keep a vigil by the email till I hear fromm you! SOO SOO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPPY to hear from you JEFF !!!! pattriciamillion@gmail.com


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