Ambien makes people do strange things, but Roseanne is still a racist

Sigh. There really are more important things happening in the world right now than a comedienne's social media self-immolation. Several outlets have already written¬†nuanced takes on Rosanne Barre's racist tweet, her long history of deeply objectionable posts, and the bizarre journey of half-apologies interspersed with more vitriol that ensued. All of this is mildly amusing,... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting my blog

After a brief...ahem...multiyear hiatus, our plucky hero is firing up the old blog again! I've been grappling with whether or not to revive this old website for some time now. Banging out consonance-and-selfie-filled blog posts was a fun hobby in grad school, which somehow became less fun when I started writing full time for a... Continue Reading →

Game-changing computational approach takes the guesswork out of materials design

Synthesizing and characterizing new compounds with interesting properties costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. By simulating substances inside powerful computers, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers are accelerating the process of making new materials, some of which might be very useful for advanced communication devices. Check out my article about this innovative... Continue Reading →

Colorado wedding weekend

Two of my favorite people recently celebrated their long-lasting love and commitment to each other on the banks of the Arkansas River in Colorado. I've known the bride's family for as long as I can remember, and the groom moved to our tiny mountain town when we were in middle school. These fine individuals make... Continue Reading →

Keeping track of phone time

Phones, like any tool, can either solve or cause problems depending on how they're used. I monitored my own iPhone usage to figure out if the thing helped or hurt how I experience my life.

Sam’s summer tour, day 12: Ixonia to Madison

After 12 days and 770 miles in the saddle, our hero's Midwestern tour triumphantly concludes where it started: The Capital City, Madison, Wisconsin. I'm still easing my way slowly back into civilization. After 11 nights sleeping outdoors and 12 solo, sweaty days in the saddle, a roof over my head and human interaction both feel... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day 11: Pipe to Ixonia

Wisconsin is a NICE place.  Although my claim might not be particularly controversial, it bears repeating--particularly because that same refrain crossed your bearded biker's brain several times during today's 61 miles in the saddle. The Badger State is pretty great! Those miles managed to pass by pretty quickly. I had lots of lovely clouds to... Continue Reading →

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