Sam’s summer tour, day four: Menominee to Rapid River

Cirrus clouds look like wispy horse tails because they're mostly made out of ice crystals. Ice crystals also lend cirrostratus clouds an ethereal appearance, which is why sunlight refracts into a halo when it shine through a sheet of these high-up-in the atmosphere formations. Cirrostratus clouds accumulating on top of cirrus clouds late in the... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day three: Appleton to Menominee

I've always had issues with boundaries. Traversing state lines remains as one of my top-ten favorite activities. I'm well aware that man-made borders are completely artificial constructs, dreamt up by long-dead white dudes. But that doesn't diminish by one bit the sheer sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT I feel after ticking another one of the 50 off... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day two: Fond du Lac to Appleton

To differentiate between altocumulus clouds and their lower-lying cousins, stratocumulus, compare against the size of your hand held out at arm's length. Altocumulus clouds, because they sit up above 6,000 feet in the air, appear smaller than your thumb, whereas stratocumulus clouds look about the size of a fist. I hope that neither of us... Continue Reading →

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