Sam’s Twenty-Day Bicycle Tour: Steamboat to Colorado

Five days after defending my Ph.D. dissertation in 2015, I departed Seattle, Washington for Colorado…IMG_7189

I did not take a plane, train, nor an automobile to transport myself halfway across the country. Instead I packed up my panniers with spandex and oatmeal, bolted a rack to the frame of my Fuji Bicycle, and started pedaling in a south-easterly direction.

See you later, Seattle!
See you later, Seattle!

I rode alone for 15 straight days over 1,103 miles through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming before taking a layover day in Rock Springs.IMG_7420-0IMG_7604IMG_7855My Dad joined me in Rock Springs and together we rode 235 more miles over the course of four days before reaching our final destination of Steamboat, Colorado.

Can you see the family resemblance?

The entire trip was an INCREDIBLE experience. I covered 1,338 miles of some of America’s most astoundingly beautiful countryside. I met incredibly kind and generous individuals all along my journey. I got lost in the back-woods down country dirt roads. I improvised tire-patches from bike-tubes and duct-tape. I camped in public parks, RV resorts, national forests, and under a bridge. I found moments of transcendent bliss along THE TOURI endured mental and physical exhaustion. I learned more than I ever thought was possible, getting a Ph.D. in grit and determination from my progress down the pavement. IMG_7846

I blogged about my touring experiences while I was riding (it’s AMAZING what an iPhoner is capable of in this modern age). The entire saga (from beginning to end) unfolds in these posts:

The beginning
The beginning

Days 1 and 2: Seattle to Federation Forest State Park to Yakima

Day 3: Yakima to Prosser, Washington

Day 4: Prosser, Washington to Pendelton, Oregon

Day 5: Pendleton, Oregon to La Grande, Oregon

No official post from Day 6: La Grande, Oregon to Union Creek Campground, Oregon (outside Baker City). I included photos from this day of touring in Day 16‘s recollections

Day 7: Union Creek, Oregon to Vale, Oregon

Day 8: Vale, Oregon to Boise, Idaho

Day 9: Boise, Idaho to Mountain Home, Idaho

Day 10: Mountain Home, Idaho to Fairfield, Idaho 

Day 11: Fairfield, Idaho to Arco, Idaho (through Craters of the Moon)

Day 12: Arco, Idaho to Heise Hot Springs, Idaho

Day 13: Heise Hot Springs, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming

Day 14: Jackson, Wyoming to Boulder, Wyoming

Day 15 Boulder, Wyoming to Rock Springs, Wyoming

Day 16: REST DAY in Rock Springs (and the arrival of my awesome Dad for the final part of the trip)

Day 17: Rock Springs, Wyoming to Antelope Flats, Utah (along the rim of Flaming Gorge)

Days 18 and 19: Antelope Flats, Utah to Douglas Draw on the Vermillion River, Colorado to Craig, Colorado

Day 20: Craig, Colorado to Steamboat, Colorado


11 thoughts on “Sam’s Twenty-Day Bicycle Tour: Steamboat to Colorado

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    1. Thank you so much! I had such a great experience on the road. Hopefully you can avoid some of my many mistakes when you set off on your own touring adventure. Day six was a fun one, day seven was a DOOZiE! :)
      I hope you’re able to connect with the fine folks at Cascade- they do SUCH good work for the Seattle bike community.


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