Uncle Sam and Jill-Freedom: Defending America, One Mountain at a Time

E pluribus unum, Americans. I hope everyone had an explosively enjoyable Independence Day. I adore the Fourth of July. Historical sticklers might argue that, in reality, the founding fathers declared INDEPENDENCE on July 2nd, 1776; that nobody actually got around to signing the document itself until August; that Uncle Sam was merely a manhattan meat-monger; and that the... Continue Reading →

Sam’s Frolick on a Fuji (co-starring Ted, the Kestral Kommando), Days 18 and 19: Antelope Flats to Douglas Draw to Craig

Nineteen days, over 1,000 miles solo in the saddle (plus an additional two-hundred with my Dad touring by my side), countless margarita flavored Clif Shot Blocks, two tires, and an unholy amount of chafing in some VERY unpleasant places I've reached the final stop on my crazy halfway-across-the-country bike tour.      My dad and I are... Continue Reading →

Sam’s Roadbike Ramblings, Day Nine: Boise to Mountain Home

Mazel Tov from Mountain Home!   Today's mileage was, comparatively speaking, minor.   However, some MAJOR milestones concerning the progress of mypilgrimage  happened during today's pedaling!    Won't you walk along with me while I tell you what happened between Boise and Mountain Home (with plenty of cloud-porn pictures thrown in for good measure)   I woke up... Continue Reading →

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