Colorado wedding weekend

Two of my favorite people recently celebrated their long-lasting love and commitment to each other on the banks of the Arkansas River in Colorado. I've known the bride's family for as long as I can remember, and the groom moved to our tiny mountain town when we were in middle school. These fine individuals make... Continue Reading →

Turning to the next chapter

Hello from the future, brave and beautiful human beings!Even though my Ph.D. is in microbiology, and the very thought of physics makes me break out in anxiety hives, I think I've discovered the secret to time travel and special relativity; this summer FLEW by in the very blink of an eye. I'm shocked that it's... Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam and Jill-Freedom: Defending America, One Mountain at a Time

E pluribus unum, Americans. I hope everyone had an explosively enjoyable Independence Day. I adore the Fourth of July. Historical sticklers might argue that, in reality, the founding fathers declared INDEPENDENCE on July 2nd, 1776; that nobody actually got around to signing the document itself until August; that Uncle Sam was merely a manhattan meat-monger; and that the... Continue Reading →

Glamping with my Awesome Aunts at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Glamping (verb): 1) A portmanteau construction that combines "glamour" and "camping." 2) The noble pursuit of outdoor enjoyment with upscale elegance and panache. 3) Finding fabulosity between the trees in the forest. Sometimes camping requires ultra-efficient packing, loaded bike-panniers, relieving oneself in the woods and roughing it a la Lewis and Clark. Sometimes hucking a hodgepodge... Continue Reading →

Recuperating…and Running Away to Another Adventure

Ciao Darlings! Is life beautiful wherever you are located? It's hard to believe that a full four days have elapsed since I completed my 20-day, halfway-across-America bicycling extravaganza! I've got a panoply of posts planned to cover the lessons I learned during my trip; hopefully they will be helpful for aspiring tourers to eschew any... Continue Reading →

Sam’s Frolick on a Fuji (co-starring Ted, the Kestral Kommando), Days 18 and 19: Antelope Flats to Douglas Draw to Craig

Nineteen days, over 1,000 miles solo in the saddle (plus an additional two-hundred with my Dad touring by my side), countless margarita flavored Clif Shot Blocks, two tires, and an unholy amount of chafing in some VERY unpleasant places I've reached the final stop on my crazy halfway-across-the-country bike tour.      My dad and I are... Continue Reading →

Surprise road trip!

Namaste from Nederland!    I'm blogging from my parents' living room on a cool Colorado day. It's great to be back in the Rocky Mountains, but I almost can't believe that I'm ACTUALLY in Boulder county right now! I certainly was not planning for a cross country trip this weekend, but after submitting my dissertation... Continue Reading →

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