Colorado wedding weekend

Two of my favorite people recently celebrated their long-lasting love and commitment to each other on the banks of the Arkansas River in Colorado. I've known the bride's family for as long as I can remember, and the groom moved to our tiny mountain town when we were in middle school. These fine individuals make... Continue Reading →

Montana Love

Hello happy human beings. It's a magical day here in Missoula, Montana! I'm enjoying an iced tea and some black licorice at an amazing apothecary called Butterfly Herbs in order to kill some time before my flight back to Denver this evening. I've been in Missoula for a few hours now, and I'm thoroughly enjoying... Continue Reading →

Patti is wide awake in America!

My mom just woke up from neurosurgery! We just got shuffled out of the post-operation area in order for the nurses to move her to her own room in the ICU. She is tired, and hooked up to a million tubes and wires (seriously, they installed a drain, an IV port, and possibly an Ethernet... Continue Reading →

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