Sam’s summer tour, day 11: Pipe to Ixonia

Wisconsin is a NICE place.  Although my claim might not be particularly controversial, it bears repeating--particularly because that same refrain crossed your bearded biker's brain several times during today's 61 miles in the saddle. The Badger State is pretty great! Those miles managed to pass by pretty quickly. I had lots of lovely clouds to... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day eight: Mancelona to Mesick

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "M."  Midway through my 60 mile ride, I realized that the names of the majority of places I stayed in Michigan started with the 13th consonant: Menominee, Michihistrigan, Mackinaw, Mancelona, and now Mesick!  Today's mileage mainly consisted of rolling hills. The riding was...a trifle monotonous.  With... Continue Reading →

Nine things I like about Chicago

1) A four hour bus ride flies by shockingly quickly, given good reading material.     2) The Hotel Palomar provides guests with some SERIOUSLY sensual robes.   3) Any unlicensed Chicago civilian may obtain military-grade carbohydrate devices at a moment's notice, thanks to the dangerous masterminds at Glaze Donut Shop.   4) Divvy Bikes let tourists exponentially... Continue Reading →

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