Keeping track of phone time

Phones, like any tool, can either solve or cause problems depending on how they're used. I monitored my own iPhone usage to figure out if the thing helped or hurt how I experience my life.

A happy hodgepodge for Thursday

Zdravstvuyte! How are you doing on this zany Thursday? Is everyone feeling zippy? I cant believe I haven't posted anything since my abecedarian attempts to explain the neuroscience of meditation last Friday.  Have you missed me, gentle readers? I have certainly missed you. I hope you can forgive my stochastic schedule, consider this post my personal penance.... Continue Reading →

Focused Friday: meditation science

Happy Friday, friends. Are you thanking God, or whatever poly-denominational-all-inclusive-unitarian-universalist-gluten-free deity that you choose to worship, that the weekend is right around the corner? I’m certainly looking forward to a weekend away from manuscript preparation. I’ve been writing up (and re-writing) my results for publication. Somehow each iteration of the draft leads me down another... Continue Reading →

Monday meditation

Happy Labor Day, workers of the world! Are you enjoying a well-deserved respite from the 9-5 grind? Unfortunately, Bacillus subtilis can't read calendars: my bacteria are blissfully unaware that today is a federal holiday, which means that this plucky proletarian PhD candidate is spending Labor Day laboring. Today happens to be the first of September, so it seems... Continue Reading →

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