The Sound of Music

Aloha athletes! I'm pecking out this post with a spring in my step and a song in my heart, gentle readers. Would anybody care to hazard a guess why this plucky Ph.D. candidate blogger is in such a merry mood? I'm feeling elated and elevated¬†because yesterday evening was my induction into¬†an organization that guarantees a... Continue Reading →

Things I like Thursday

Howdy friends. Today is Thursday, and Thursdays are for two things: 1) Swimming. 2) Blogging about things I enjoy. I suppose that, as the author of this blog, I could try and boost my traffic by switching it up a little bit and writing about the NBA playoffs or the career of that Kardashian Person.... Continue Reading →

Weekend wrap-up: Easter Eggstravaganza!

Good evening earthlings. Was the Easter Bunny kind to everybody this year? I hope every-bunny enjoyed their weekends, there were a lot of excuses to celebrate over the past few days! I started my weekend on Saturday with a wonderful 17.5 mile long run. I am happy to report that my new Mizuno Waver Rider... Continue Reading →

Things I am fond of Friday

Happy Friday friends and family! I fully intended to do a "things I like Thursday" style post yesterday, but I had a late meeting, and a few experiments to catch up on: the day simply got away from me. Better late than never is my motto, so without further ado, here are a couple of... Continue Reading →

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