Turning to the next chapter

Hello from the future, brave and beautiful human beings!Even though my Ph.D. is in microbiology, and the very thought of physics makes me break out in anxiety hives, I think I've discovered the secret to time travel and special relativity; this summer FLEW by in the very blink of an eye. I'm shocked that it's... Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam and Jill-Freedom: Defending America, One Mountain at a Time

E pluribus unum, Americans. I hope everyone had an explosively enjoyable Independence Day. I adore the Fourth of July. Historical sticklers might argue that, in reality, the founding fathers declared INDEPENDENCE on July 2nd, 1776; that nobody actually got around to signing the document itself until August; that Uncle Sam was merely a manhattan meat-monger; and that the... Continue Reading →

Glamping with my Awesome Aunts at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Glamping (verb): 1) A portmanteau construction that combines "glamour" and "camping." 2) The noble pursuit of outdoor enjoyment with upscale elegance and panache. 3) Finding fabulosity between the trees in the forest. Sometimes camping requires ultra-efficient packing, loaded bike-panniers, relieving oneself in the woods and roughing it a la Lewis and Clark. Sometimes hucking a hodgepodge... Continue Reading →

Montana Love

Hello happy human beings. It's a magical day here in Missoula, Montana! I'm enjoying an iced tea and some black licorice at an amazing apothecary called Butterfly Herbs in order to kill some time before my flight back to Denver this evening. I've been in Missoula for a few hours now, and I'm thoroughly enjoying... Continue Reading →

Wedding Weekend Bike Touring Extravaganza!

Mazel Tov from Montana! Specifically, Buenas Dias from the Big Larch Campground on the Shores of Seeley Lake! I've got a fun-filled evening of festivities ahead for my dear friends' Other-Sam and Katie's wedding; the welcome dinner is a full-on, down-home, southern-style pig roast! Before the fun begins, however, I thought I'd dash off a... Continue Reading →

Bike-camping on Bainbridge Island

Happy Monday, maniacs! I hope your workweek is shaping up synergistically, and you are well-rested from the weekend's leisurely pursuits. I took advantage of a sunny afternoon, and the Washington State Transit authority this weekend to pedal in pursuit of leisure around Puget Sound. I finally put my trusty steed's newly-installed touring racks through their paces... Continue Reading →

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