Sam’s summer tour, day 12: Ixonia to Madison

After 12 days and 770 miles in the saddle, our hero's Midwestern tour triumphantly concludes where it started: The Capital City, Madison, Wisconsin. I'm still easing my way slowly back into civilization. After 11 nights sleeping outdoors and 12 solo, sweaty days in the saddle, a roof over my head and human interaction both feel... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day 11: Pipe to Ixonia

Wisconsin is a NICE place.  Although my claim might not be particularly controversial, it bears repeating--particularly because that same refrain crossed your bearded biker's brain several times during today's 61 miles in the saddle. The Badger State is pretty great! Those miles managed to pass by pretty quickly. I had lots of lovely clouds to... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day 10: Ludington to Pipe (bonus S.S. Badger Ferry edition)

It was the longest day; it was the shortest day.  Although today's travels took me the most distance in one day thus far on my trip, 60 of those miles were spent sailing the high lakes aboard America's largest coal-fired steam ship: the S.S. Badger.  The four hour voyage was simply delightful. After two straight... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day nine: Mesick to Ludington 

Why does the wind blow from the south?  I'm about to reveal my complete and utter cluelessness about meteorology and fluid dynamics, but I spent a significant amount of time contemplating the  atmospheric forces that set breezes blowing during 61 miles of riding directly into a ferocious headwind.   At first I hypothesized that winds... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day six: Michihistrigan to Mackinaw City

I am in a GOOD place. Not only are my akkomodations kompletely Komfortable at the Mackinaw City KOA, today's touring was simply spectacular!  I spent 61 cedar-scented, easy-breezy, mostly flat miles in the saddle, with jaw-dropping lake-views to my immediate right for the entire journey.  The most mentally challenging part of today's pedaling was mustering... Continue Reading →

Locked and loaded

As much as I adore adventures, packing has never been my strong suit. My feeble attempts to live up to the Cub Scout motto, "be prepared," typically shake out into me filling duffel bags with metric tons of ultra-light crap...yet somehow omitting important necessities. Last summer I inexplicably packed a pair of corduroy pants into... Continue Reading →

Nine things I like about Chicago

1) A four hour bus ride flies by shockingly quickly, given good reading material.     2) The Hotel Palomar provides guests with some SERIOUSLY sensual robes.   3) Any unlicensed Chicago civilian may obtain military-grade carbohydrate devices at a moment's notice, thanks to the dangerous masterminds at Glaze Donut Shop.   4) Divvy Bikes let tourists exponentially... Continue Reading →

Planes, buses, and automobiles

Hello from deep inside the most unpleasant bolgia of the 8th circle of traveler's hell.  I'm not sure why Dante neglected to include descriptions of the eternal tortures inflicted on erstwhile bearded bloggers errant in the original Inferno. However, I can conclusively confirm that I have landed in lucifer's winter-timeshare: the MegaBus bound from St.... Continue Reading →

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