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Friends, countrymen, Americans, lend me your...eyes? I'm not writing to bury Caesar nor to praise him. In fact, the unfortunate emperor has very little to do with the point of today's post, except for one character trait that the rockin' roman had in abundance: AMBITION.      Ambition is a powerful force. Although good old Julius' appetites tended... Continue Reading →

What do mechanical engineers do in Wisconsin

One of my gigs here in wonderful Wisconsin is as a science writing intern/mad scientist for the College of Engineering at UW-Madison. The mechanical engineering department just hired four fantastically interesting new faculty members, and I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing each one. It turns out that Mechanical engineers do LOTS of different things: from 3D... Continue Reading →

Mad about MadTown

Hello from the cheesiest place on Earth! When we last spoke, I was packing all of my possessions into a one-way rental car and blasting off from my happy hometown into parts unknown... Two days on the road later, after an ungodly amount of gas-station coffee guzzled, innumerable sticks of trident gum masticated, and an... Continue Reading →

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