Colorado wedding weekend

Two of my favorite people recently celebrated their long-lasting love and commitment to each other on the banks of the Arkansas River in Colorado. I've known the bride's family for as long as I can remember, and the groom moved to our tiny mountain town when we were in middle school. These fine individuals make... Continue Reading →

Montana Love

Hello happy human beings. It's a magical day here in Missoula, Montana! I'm enjoying an iced tea and some black licorice at an amazing apothecary called Butterfly Herbs in order to kill some time before my flight back to Denver this evening. I've been in Missoula for a few hours now, and I'm thoroughly enjoying... Continue Reading →

Wedding Weekend Bike Touring Extravaganza!

Mazel Tov from Montana! Specifically, Buenas Dias from the Big Larch Campground on the Shores of Seeley Lake! I've got a fun-filled evening of festivities ahead for my dear friends' Other-Sam and Katie's wedding; the welcome dinner is a full-on, down-home, southern-style pig roast! Before the fun begins, however, I thought I'd dash off a... Continue Reading →

Recuperating…and Running Away to Another Adventure

Ciao Darlings! Is life beautiful wherever you are located? It's hard to believe that a full four days have elapsed since I completed my 20-day, halfway-across-America bicycling extravaganza! I've got a panoply of posts planned to cover the lessons I learned during my trip; hopefully they will be helpful for aspiring tourers to eschew any... Continue Reading →

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