Sam’s summer tour, day 12: Ixonia to Madison

After 12 days and 770 miles in the saddle, our hero's Midwestern tour triumphantly concludes where it started: The Capital City, Madison, Wisconsin. I'm still easing my way slowly back into civilization. After 11 nights sleeping outdoors and 12 solo, sweaty days in the saddle, a roof over my head and human interaction both feel... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day 11: Pipe to Ixonia

Wisconsin is a NICE place.  Although my claim might not be particularly controversial, it bears repeating--particularly because that same refrain crossed your bearded biker's brain several times during today's 61 miles in the saddle. The Badger State is pretty great! Those miles managed to pass by pretty quickly. I had lots of lovely clouds to... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day 10: Ludington to Pipe (bonus S.S. Badger Ferry edition)

It was the longest day; it was the shortest day.  Although today's travels took me the most distance in one day thus far on my trip, 60 of those miles were spent sailing the high lakes aboard America's largest coal-fired steam ship: the S.S. Badger.  The four hour voyage was simply delightful. After two straight... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day three: Appleton to Menominee

I've always had issues with boundaries. Traversing state lines remains as one of my top-ten favorite activities. I'm well aware that man-made borders are completely artificial constructs, dreamt up by long-dead white dudes. But that doesn't diminish by one bit the sheer sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT I feel after ticking another one of the 50 off... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer tour, day two: Fond du Lac to Appleton

To differentiate between altocumulus clouds and their lower-lying cousins, stratocumulus, compare against the size of your hand held out at arm's length. Altocumulus clouds, because they sit up above 6,000 feet in the air, appear smaller than your thumb, whereas stratocumulus clouds look about the size of a fist. I hope that neither of us... Continue Reading →

Sam’s summer bike tour, day one: Madison to Fond du Lac

Well that took a little bit longer than I expected! Apparently Google's algorithm doesn't take into account missed turns, minor rack maintenance, and, of course, obligatory selfie stops. Other than some forced backtracking after getting somewhat turned around outside Beaver Dam, today's miles were mostly uneventful. Getting out the door on the road this morning... Continue Reading →

Support visionary research

Friends, countrymen, Americans, lend me your...eyes? I'm not writing to bury Caesar nor to praise him. In fact, the unfortunate emperor has very little to do with the point of today's post, except for one character trait that the rockin' roman had in abundance: AMBITION.      Ambition is a powerful force. Although good old Julius' appetites tended... Continue Reading →

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